Wiggers Modellbau

Stiwi 1

With this impressing small finished model we retained our typical model engineering character.
The flying wheel is a cast iron part and not a CNC-lathed disk.
All brilliant parts are high-class gilded, i.e. they don’t get any tarnish.
The parts will stay brilliant even after 20 years.

We also retained our “WIGGERS-RED” as basic colour.

Heating cylinder and displacer consist of a heat-resistant glass of habitual quality. The wick of the burner is made of fibreglass. The operating piston and the bearings consist of self-lubricating material.
The model is mounted on an oiled wooden plate (70 x 160 mm) made of Abachi-wood.

The total height is 80 mm.

It is heated by normal spirit.